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Just like every other website – WordPress site needs to be taken care of professionally. Without regular care, it won’t keep working and perform what it was made to do and then all your investments will be in vain. There are dozens of tasks required to maintain the website and keep it up and running, but the most important website maintenance are the updates, backups and security. Absence or unprofessional website maintenance can lead to a number of unpleasant consequences such as: speed and performance problems, security loopholes and increased risk of hacking, declining search engine rankings, broken links… Keep your business moving forward!

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WordPress Website Maintenance

Let the WordPress experts do their technical job, while you can be focus on your business or free time. DBrown Studio provides Premium Website Maintenance services and support for all issues related to your WordPress website. Our team of experts works 24/7/365 to make sure your site is running quickly and efficiently, it’s safe, secure and updated all the time. We offer complete Website Maintenance packages that suite any budget and needs. With each package you getting: website hosting, SSL Certificate, CDN Cloudflare and monthly development hours which you can use to delete or add new content, make any changes and improve your website constantly.

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Website Maintenance

We’ll always exceed your expectations with our truly Premium Quality Services & Support. We understand and value the highest quality and standards in everything. When problems happen, when things failed – you and your customers don’t see it, we take care of it and your website just keep running. With our Dedicated Server Hosting your website will get ultimate performance, extreme speed and security. We are constantly backing up your entire WordPress file system as well as the database – reliability of your website is our priority! Each site is very sensitive to all kinds of auto updates – they can lead to serious damage and even break down the site. Thats why the team of our technical experts does all this work manually one by one, all performed at a highly professional level without any auto updates.

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Dedicated Server Hosting will ensure high performance, speed and security.

Advanced Security

24/7 Protection for your website for malware, spam, viruses and hackers.

Wordpress Updates

Constant manual updates of WordPress platform, theme, plugins and database.

Premium Support

Unsurpassed Customer Care and Technical Support for all our customers.


Custom development hours with each package to improve your site constantly.


24/7 daily backups of the database and all existing content on your website.

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