Social Media Marketing

Advertising in Social Media Marketing, is the third most important element of internet marketing after the Organic SEO & PPC Google. There are 3 most effective social networks for advertising your business: You Tube, Facebook & Google+. Facebook as the most widely used social media platform produced 61% of all the websites visits generates on social media sites. You Tube by the number of daily video views is comparable to the number of Google search queries that exceed 7 billion a day. Google is the owner of Google+ so its logical that it wants every business to use this social network to expand their online presence. Registering of your business in all the social networks mentioned above and their integration with your site is an integral part of building a strong web presence for your success.

SMM Increasing Brand Awareness

Social Media Marketing is the main place where people share interesting information with their friends and leave feedbacks. Having an active social media presence will help you to attract new customers and establish trust on the Web. Almost all network users love to read reviews on the social media, so let your customers comment about products and services that you offer. Positive feedback will help to earn more confidence in your brand, and negative ones will point out the existing shortcomings and help to improve your business and build strong brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Vs Organic SEO

No doubt, Social Media Marketing can improve your Organic SEO as long as its done professionally. Buying followers and likes is not gonna work for your overall rankings. Growing the number of followers and likes should occur organically. Even If it’s a slow and time consuming process, it is the only effective way. Amount of followers and likes have huge influence on your rankings. To achieve significant results possible only through creating unique high-quality marketing content, posting useful articles that optimized for search engines and inspires sharing.

Social Media Marketing for Business

DBrown Studio specializes in Organic and Paid Social Media Marketing. Our team of experts conduct a deep analysis of your competitors and potential customers to identify the most effective social networks for promoting your brand. We develop coast-effective strategies in accordance with your goals and budget. A team of experienced copywriters and designers will work to ensure that the content of your social media is highly competitive, effective and does its job in order to drive new customers and high-quality traffic to your website, improve your organic SEO and strengthen brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing
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