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In today’s Real Estate world with serious competition around, it is impossible to imagine success without strong web presence, marketing on the internet and branding strategy. DBrown Studio specializes in Real Estate Website Design and Development, developing the most effective marketing and branding strategies. Our comprehensive approach is aimed at achieving all your goals and objectives. Using the latest technologies allows us to develop websites of the highest international standards. Our WordPress Real Estate Websites distinguished by Premium quality, high functionality, unmatched style and ease of use. All our sites are completely responsive for any device and browser, retina ready, translation ready, SEO friendly, fast loading, have an excellent UI and UX.

DBrown Studio Web Design Company
Real Estate Agency
DBrown Studio Web Design Company
Real Estate Agency
Real Estate Website
Real Estate Agency

Real Estate WordPress Website

We offer our customers all-inclusive packages. Along with an unrivaled design tailor-made for your business needs and high-quality real estate website development, you will receive professional business consulting and a comprehensive marketing strategy. Also our WordPress real estate website package includes digital branding, basic SEO optimization, analysis of the latest trends in the industry of your business and the main competitors, content strategy development, writing and / or editing your text content for search engines, plus checking it for plagiarism, selecting the necessary graphic elements and images for your real estate website, optimization and, if necessary, editing your photos in Photoshop, selection of color palette, accompanying consultation when choosing a website hosting provider and a domain name.

Search System

Real Estate website includes advanced properties search system, that is powerful and fully customizable to fulfill various needs.

Google Maps

Our real estate website enable you to display Google map with properties markers on search results page and properties display pages.

Property Page

Each property page has a beautiful slider gallery, information about property and agent, contact form, property Google map, side bar..

Agents Listing

Includes full info about each real estate agent, profile picture, contact details and form, social media links and list of their properties.

Favorites Property

A visitor of your website can add properties to his favorites collection, so that he / she can visit and view those properties later on.

File Attachments

Each website has an option to add floor plans related to a property and other attachments to download, using various types of files.

Real Estate WordPress Website

Properties Search System

Each Real Estate Website has advanced search system for properties, it will be customized to match all your needs. You can select which fields and what data you want to display. The standard set will be the following: multiple location fields, such as country, state, city, street; property type; price range; size range; amount of bedrooms and bathrooms; certain features (Central Heating, Fire Alarm, Swimming Pool, Wi-Fi, etc). Function of “sort by” also available. Except for the home page, where the search system can be located, it will be also displayed on other pages in the side bar. The function of assigning to each property an identification number will enable search by ID. This will help to simplify the search for a specific properties, especially when your site has a large number of offers. It is equally convenient for both agents and clients.

Property Info Page

Our WordPress Real Estate Website designed in a modern and user friendly way. Each property page will have a beautiful slider gallery with the property ID and price, full description of the property, floor plans, property video, property map, social media sharing buttons, property attachments, complete information about agent, his/her contact details and contact form. Similar properties will be displayed below. Option to leave a comment or review. In the side bar will be shown search form, featured properties, agents info, other widgets can be added.

Real Estate Website
Real Estate Website

Tips Real Estate Website

  1. Use only high quality pictures to showcase your properties, because even the most luxury house can look cheap if the photos are of poor quality.
  2. Try to make the description of properties as detailed and realistic as possible, even the smallest details sometimes play a big role and influence the choice.
  3. Add some floor plans so that clients can clearly understand the layout of the property. For a more complete presentation of the property add some good video to your WordPress Real Estate Website.
  4. Keep your clients informed and be honest from the start, add to your website terms & conditions – this will allow you to prevent any misunderstandings.
  5. Regularly add new properties and useful articles, publish only relevant and verified content not to loose the respect of your customers and brand trust.
  6. For real success you need to promote your own brand, invest in your web presence: your Real Estate Website & Digital Marketing (PPC & SMM).

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