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Hotel Website Design 6 Pages

Responsive Web Design | UI & UX Design | Copywriting | Branding

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Hotel Website Package:

A dedicated project manager will be assigned to the Client within 24 hours of purchase. Communication between the Client and the Project Manager will be carried out remotely by e-mail and telephone.

Hotel Website Package includes:

  • Custom Website Design 6 pages.
  • Booking System Integration.
  • Fully Responsive Website Design.
  • Advanced UI & UX Design.
  • Content Marketing Strategy.
  • Digital Branding Strategy.
  • Original Copywriting.
  • Up to 25 Stock Images.
  • Social Media Integration.

* Project Deadline – 30 business days.

Website Maintenance & Hosting:

You should know that the website requires ongoing maintenance and hosting management to keep it safe, fast and operational. In order to use our website hosting and maintenance services, you need to purchase this Hotel Website package along with the Standard Maintenance package, if not – read below *.

* The client will be responsible for the purchase of the: WordPress hosting (and its settings), domain name, specific theme and plugins. After completing the project, DBrown Studio will not bare any responsibility for everything that may or will happen to the site.

You’ll Own the Website:

You will have ownership of your website, You’ll own all intellectual property rights of text, images, site specification and data you provided, unless someone else owns them.

Terms & Conditions

To place an order and purchase this package Client (You) must be at least 18 years old. Be eligible and competent to enter into a legally binding contracts. Be an authorized user of the Credit Card, Pay Pal or Bank account used to complete the purchase.

DBrown Studio does not work with the following textual / visual / video content: adult content and sexual content; violent and abusive content; alcohol and gambling; drugs, medicines and other substances that may be harmful to health; weapons and other items that may cause damage or injury; financial products; political content; religious content; ideological and philosophical content; non-profit organizations and foundations.

Prices for any other expenses and extra services that are not listed in this package description will be subject to additional charges.

By purchasing this package, the Client confirms that he/she has read the description of this package, understood its content, agrees with all the terms and conditions and agrees to fulfil them.

What do Both Parties Agree to:

Client: You will respond to our emails within 48 hours to meet the deadline. You will review our work, give a feedback, confirm the design, provide your logo and content in a timely manner. You guarantee that all elements of text, images or other artwork you provide are either owned by you, or you’ve obtained permission to use them. When you provide text, images or other artwork to us, you agree to protect us, now and in the future in any part of the world, from any claim by any third party.

Company: We have the experience and the ability to do everything that is specified in the description of this package, and we’ll do all this professionally and in a timely manner. We guarantee that all the elements of the work that we deliver to you either belong to us, or we’ve obtained permission to provide them to you. When we provide you with text, images, we agree to protect you now and in the future in any part of the world from any claims by any third party.

Project Deadline:

Project deadline is the latest date by which the website should be completed. Upon expiration of the deadline, the project will be considered completed – any work that remains to be done to complete this project will be subject to an additional charges. Project deadline for this package is 30 business days from the moment of purchase. Deadline will be extended (free of charge) when additional services, content, extra pages or languages have been purchased along with this Hotel Website package.


The following methods of payment are accepted: Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express), PayPal, Bank Transfer.


This package is non-refundable.

WordPress Website:

We deliver web page types developed from HTML markup, PHP, MySQL, CSS stylesheets for styling and unobtrusive JavaScript for feature detection, poly-fills and behaviors.


This package comes with 1 language. At the moment, DBrown Studio provides its services for the following languages only: English, Russian, Hebrew. To order an additional language for the website – purchase this Hotel Website package again.

Website Design:

You entrust the design of your website to our talented and experienced team. They will take into account all your personal preferences and requirements discussed with the project manager prior to the design stage. After an accurate research and analysis of your products / services, latest digital marketing trends in the industry of your business and your main competitors – we’ll define the most suitable and effective website design you need for the convenience of your customers and for the needs of your business. Before the development stage of each page, the project manager will send an email with attached design of a webpage for confirmation.


The design of the web pages does not include revisions. 99% of our Clients are completely satisfied with the design we offer, as we are always try to exceed their expectations. But if you don’t like something and you want to see a different design of the web page – simply purchase 3 Development Hours, send us an updated design request, and in 3 days a new design will be sent to your email.


Any changes requested for any completed part/s of the project (confirmed by the Client prior to the development / design stage) are subject to additional charges.

Visual Content:

You can choose one of the options or combine them together: 1. We’ll provide you with professional images from the stock libraries in the quantity specified in this package. 2. You’ll provide us your own graphic files in an editable vector digital format and photos in a high resolution digital format. The total amount of images for a website (6 pages) is limited to 50. You can add extra images to the package. Purchase 1 Development Hour for every 10 additional images.

Textual content:

You can choose one of the options: 1. Our professional copywriters will write the textual content for your website. 2. You’ll provide us your own textual content. The amount of text required will depend on the design of the web pages. Content such as privacy policy, T&C and other similar content must be provided by the Client.

* The total amount of content for a website (6 pages) is limited to 1200 words. You can add extra content to the package, simply purchase 1 Development Hour for every 200 additional words.

Browser Testing:

Browser testing ensuring that a person’s experience of a design is appropriate to the capabilities of a browser. We test our work in current versions of major browsers including Apple Safari and Google Chrome, to ensure that visitors getting an appropriate experience. We won’t test in other browsers, unless we agreed otherwise before the purchase, and it’s confirmed in written by email.

Displaying our Work:

We reserve the right to display your website / logo on any pages of our website or any other website. We also reserve the right to add the permanent footer link “© Designed by DBrown Studio” to the pages on your site, unless we agree otherwise before the purchase, and it’s confirmed in written by email.

* We will occasionally change these Terms and Conditions as well as our prices. Updated prices and terms and conditions will apply to all purchases made after the publication of these updates here. If the changes are significant, we will provide our Clients with a more prominent notice (email notification).

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Hotel Website

  1. David Assa

    Since the moment we saw the website of DBrown Studio, we knew that they could make the perfect website for us. And they did it !!))

  2. Eitan Baranes

    Our new website with smart and stylish design, works just as well as it looks. Highly Recommended!!!

  3. Gal Elis

    We would like to express our gratitude to the whole team of DBrown Studio for such professional work !!! The website visually and functionally exceeded all our expectations, engaging design with a focus on brand awareness and implementation of an advanced marketing strategy. We will undoubtedly continue to work with DBrown Studio and recommend them to our friends.

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