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Google PPC Campaign Package:

Our Google Ads Expert will setup and launch 1 PPC campaign, including 1 Ad Group with 3 Ads (up to 20 keywords or key phrases).

To develop an effective PPC campaign and achieve maximum ROI (Return On Investment) – we will carry out a detailed analysis of your competitors and targeted audience, select the most suitable and competitive keywords, adjust all the necessary settings, schedule and daily budget, we’ll write 3 Ad copies with a strong call to action and optimize your campaign for targeting mobile and tablet users.

After everything is done and your Google PPC campaign is launched, you can continue to manage it yourself or you can contact Google support. DBrown Studio provides professional PPC Campaign management services for an additional charge. Management of 1 Campaign cost 2 Development Hours per month. Required amount of development hours should be purchased along with this package.

* Deadline – 5 business days.


This package can be purchased only by Clients, who have already built and maintain their website with us.

Terms & Conditions

Payment for advertising is not included in the price of this package and will be paid by the Client directly to Google.


The deadline will be extended when additional services are added to the package: extra Ad Groups and extra campaigns.


This package is non-refundable.

* Prices for any other expenses and extra services that are not listed in this package description will be subject to additional charges.

* By purchasing this package, the Client confirms that he/she has read the description of this package, understood its content, agrees with all the terms and conditions.

* We will occasionally change these Terms and Conditions as well as our prices. Updated prices and terms and conditions will apply to all purchases made after the publication of these updates here.

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