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Logos are used to distinguish the products of different brands within the same industry. Logo design is the central element of any branding strategy and is one of the most difficult and important areas of graphic design. In DBrown Studio over the development of logo working experienced team of graphic designers together with digital marketing department, in order to achieve the most effective results. There are 7 different types of logo, they’re all a combination of typography and / or images, but each of them has its own character and can give a different perception to your business brand. Choose which type of logo will symbolize your business.

Letter Mark

This is the most minimalistic kind of logo design. It consists of the initials of the name of the company or brand. In this kind of logo the main role is played by the font and color. The Letter Mark Logo is ideal for a company with a complex and long name. If you choose this style, but your brand is not yet very popular – we suggest writing the full name of your company under the logo.

World-famous logos of this style: RT, NASA, IBM, CNN, BBC, M&S.

Purple Color attributes: royalty, power, nobility, luxury, creativity, ambition, wisdom.

Word Mark

Like a Letter mark, Word Mark logo consists of a letters, only instead of initials the full name of the brand is used. This logo design is suits companies with a short and easily memorable name. A unique font and color composition will make the logo recognizable and emphasize your brand identity.

World-famous logos of this style: Google, Visa, Coca-Cola, Fedex, Yahoo.

Red Color attributes: excitement, strength, energy, passion, boldness, action, life.

Pictorial Mark

Is a logo consisting of a single symbol or image. The most difficult thing is to choose the symbol that will embody your brand. Whether it will simply be associated with the name of the company, or have a deeper meaning – the choice is yours. This kind of logo design will be most suitable for a company with already strong brand recognition.

World-famous logos of this style: Apple, Twitter, WWF, Puma, Linux.

Pink Color attributes: sincerity, sophistication, impressive, stylish, intuitive, positive, optimistic.

Abstract logo

Instead of a recognizable symbol, an abstract geometric form is used. This logo allows you to create a truly unique picture that will represent your brand. Through the form and color you can convey the special meaning of your brand and cause certain emotions.

World-famous logos of this style: Adidas, Pepsi, Nike, Shell, Windows.

Orange Color attributes: enthusiasm, motivation, sociability, confidence, success, bravery, friendliness.


This is an illustrated character who represents your company. Their image is often cheerful and friendly they can truly become a visual embodiment of your brand. Unlike other types of logo design Logo Character is more emotionally filled and deeper conveys the message of your brand.

World-famous logos of this style: KFC, Quaker, Hooters, Mc Donald’s, Pringles.

Yellow Color attributes: intellectual, energetic, inspiring, attentive, logical, youthful, happy.

Combination Mark

This is the most widespread type of logo design. It is universal because it simultaneously combines both the symbol, image or character and the name of the company. This combination will help to remember more quickly both the name and the symbol associated with your brand. In the future, when you company becomes a well-known it will be possible to remove text and leave only an image.

World-famous logos of this style: Lacoste, Four Seasons, Burberry, Domino’s Pizza, Toblerone.

Green Color attributes: growth, harmony, freshness, nature, quality, wealth, positivity.

The Emblem

Logo Emblem consists of a name inside a symbol, an icon, a shield, etc. This Logo design it is often used by state structures, educational institutions and by many other lovers of classical style.

World-famous logos of this style: Starbucks Coffee, Harley Davidson, Ferrari, Harvard University, Versace.

Blue Color attributes: stability, trust, loyalty, competence, security, intellect, perspective.

Logo Design

Our Momentum Process

  • Logo Design

    At the first stage we want to learn as much as possible about your business and preferences in order to understand what style of logo will be most suitable and effective for your brand success. Team of our experts will explain to you about the psychology of color in digital marketing and branding, and all the pros and cons of each type of logo design.

  • Logo Design

    After we understand what logo design is the most acceptable for you and suitable for your brand business - our graphic designers and digital marketing team will start working on sketches. Their number will depend on the package you choose and the design will match all your wishes. Sketches will help you to choose the final format of the logo.

  • Logo Design

    When you choose the most pleasant sketch - we will continue to work on its enhancement. All customers want to see the same logo in a slightly modified form to be absolutely confident in their choice, and we aim at bringing the project to perfection. Usually the changes relate to the color ,font and aspect ratio of individual elements of the logo.

  • Logo Design

    After the redesign of the logo and your final choice, we will prepare your logo design for export. Your logo comes with production-ready files that you can use for web and print, plus you will get all the logo design ownership / copyright. The design and development of the logo does not take more than a week. 100% handcrafted and unique logo design.

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