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Digital Marketing is the use of all aspects of traditional marketing on the Internet, focused on the promotion of products / services and on the management of customer relations for the benefit of the company. Online Marketing provides an opportunity to any potential consumer, who uses the Internet, from anywhere in the world at any time to get information about your product / service, as well as to buy it. Digital Marketing is aimed at saving money and expanding your business nationwide or even worldwide. Entering the market via the internet is not too expensive and it gives equal chances for success for both large and small companies. Work with DBrown Studio to unlock the full potential of your business.

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Organic Search Engine Optimization is a complex set of methods and technics used to enhance and consolidate the position of your site in Google Search Results. Search Engines use a special algorithm based on the mathematical formula to rank web pages in response to specific user inquiries, they take into account a lot of site parameters when calculating it’s relevance to a particular query. The main factors that can positively affect and improve the position of the site in the search results are: clean code without viruses, responsive web design, site optimization, high quality content, target keywords and titles, meta description, links, social media integration. SEO organic is a long-term and worthwhile investment requiring high professionalism, time and patience.


75% of Internet users have an account in one of the social network, which they constantly use. Studies have shown that online advertising supported by positive reviews in social networks will be more productive. Social Media Marketing is aimed at attracting new consumers, advertising your products and services, increasing traffic to your site, collecting information about customers, getting feedback about your brand and improving Organic SEO. Online advertising in social networks can be free and paid, with a strategic plan and quality content, it will be successful in both cases. Social Media Marketing allows you to build personal relationships with your clients, enable them to be involved in the process of improving your brand & increase the trust of customers.

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Digital Marketing


Since the process of Organic SEO is an important and time consuming project. We proceed to Paid Media, not to lose the traffic, potential customers and to speed up the process of Organic Search Engine Optimization for your website. The most cost effective online marketing tool for website promotion is Google AdWords PPC also known as Pay-Per-Click. PPC works this way – the advertiser pays to search engine a certain amount for each click on his ad campaign, which redirected the user to his site. Your Ad will appear above or below organic search results in Google, when the target keywords and content of your advertisement match the search query. The cost of each click depends on the level of competition, quality and relevance of keywords of your campaign.

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Digital Marketing

What you sell using the Internet should have a unique identity and presentable digital appearance. Our experts in Branding Design gonna help you with this. Your products / services must have a great description (marketing content) complemented with optimized high-quality Photos, Videos and Graphic Design so that the consumer can easily understand what you are offering him and why you better than other competitors. Positive feedback from happy clients in social networks will inspire confidence and trust of new customers to your company and will push them to take an action and make a purchase.

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Digital Marketing

It is considered that the price on the Internet is lower than in an ordinary store due to saving on coasts. And you should always remind your customers about it through Display Ads, Digital Banner Ads, Pop Ups, Email Marketing, Social Media Channels, etc. Use strategic Marketing techniques for a more successful outcome, such as the inclusion of taxes or shipping in the price of the product/service, bonuses and gifts for regular customers and discount for new ones, special offers of the month, distribution of promotional codes. All this will help you to increase online sales, to be more competitive and attractive.

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Digital Marketing

To promote products and services on the Internet you need a comprehensive approach and a strategic plan, which will help to drive quality traffic to your site, increase site engagement and sales. The team of our experienced specialists use the latest techniques and tools in the field of Digital Marketing - based on the target audience and goals of your business, careful market and competition analysis, taking into account your budget. DBrown Studio specializing in Search Promotion, Organic SEO, Social Media Marketing and Management, PPC, Google Ads, content marketing, Branding Design, Display Ads, Blogs.

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Website, it’s your virtual shop and office at the same time, it’s the place where you welcome clients on the Internet. A huge role is played by both Design and usability of the site. It should be professionally designed and developed high-quality website, optimized for search engines, responsive and social media integrated. Also need to pay attention to the quality of processing requests from the site, to speed, content, compatibility with various browsers, convenience of search system and site navigation, serviceability of payment systems, relationships with customers before, during and after the sale.

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