Digital branding is a set of marketing strategies, visual and communication techniques aimed at product differentiation in order to distinguish products or services from others and to make it more attractive to a particular target market. The development of the brand is the process of creating in the minds of the target audience certain associations, emotions, attitudes in the perception of a certain products or services. The concept of the brand includes its name, trademark, communication and visual appearance. DBrown Studio experts on create effective branding that result in higher brand value, brand awareness, brand loyalty, brand trust and higher sales.

Effective Brand Strategy

As you have already understood, branding – is a comprehensive work on the perception of your brand by potential or existing customers. It’s affects everything regarding your products and services from the pre-order stage to the post order stage. Every detail, even the smallest one is important for the image of your brand. It concerns the customer care support, the manner of responding to emails and phone calls, the convenience and attractiveness of your website, the conformity of price to quality, the usefulness and practicality of the products and services offered and much more.. And remember that only a unique offer and high quality can attract a lot of attention to the new brand.

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Our Branding Strategy

Brand development

The development of branding strategy begins with the study of the world’s leading brands in your field (analysis of their web presence, marketing strategies..). Understanding of why & how they achieved such a grandiose recognition and success are essential. These companies can serve as an incentive for growth and an example to follow.

Audience Definition

The next step in developing a branding strategy - is an adequate evaluation of your proposal and an accurate definition of the audience for which your brand will be relevant and in demand. Analyzing similar companies will help to develop your branding strategy more attractive and valuable in comparison with similar competitors.

Brand Name
Choosing Name Brand

The 3rd step is choosing the name for your brand and the message that you will address to your audience. The writing of the copy for your site, advertising campaigns etc. should be based on marketing concepts and optimization for search engines. Professional copywriting will help to earn trust and convince buyers to make a purchase.

Brand Recognition

Since people easily remember and recognize symbolism rather than words, even if they don’t remember the name they will recognize your brand by the logo. The logo design is perhaps the most difficult choice. Its shape, color and style affect the visual perception of your brand. The design & color of your site also depend on it.

Brand Advertising

Advertising of your brand begins with the design and development of a professional website, registration of business pages in social networks, work on Organic SEO and further promotion of your products and services through paid media in search engines and campaigns in social media. Effective strategy is the key to success.

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